Alanah Grant

Alanah Grant

Board Member

Alanah is the Racial Equity Leadership Development Program Specialist. Her primary role is coordinating the Racial Equity & Reconciliation implementation, as she supports staff-led workgroups in the areas of Internal Transformation, Communications, Community Engagement, Policy, and Data. 

Alanah also co-leads a special project focused on creating an alternative emergency response system. As a proud Long Beach native, the narratives of survival and resilience in the face of inequity inspire Alanah to purposefully work towards structural change, ensuring a future Long Beach inclusive and equitable for every person who lives and works in the city. Alanah is a graduate of South Carolina State University and is most passionate about race equity because of its intersectionality.

Before joining the Office of Equity, she worked in the City’s Legislative Department for three and a half years, focusing on land use, housing, economic development, and inclusion.

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