Gabe Ferralez

Gabe Ferralez

Integrated Math

Gabe is a dedicated educator and life-long learner. Previously he was an elementary school teacher at South Hills Academy. In this role he learned to love the kids, the role you play in their lives, and the classroom environment. He’s grateful for the opportunity to share his love and enthusiasm for math and statistics with his students.

Gabe graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Mathematics, transferring from Rio Hondo College. Prior to transferring, he worked as a tutor at the RHC Math and Science Center. It was here he learned to appreciate all of the different places people are coming from when they step into the classroom.

While in Davis he also developed an interest in radio and broadcasting, volunteering at the Davis community radio station KDVS and later KLBP Long Beach Public Radio. He’s produced two weekly radio programs, one as a DJ and one as an editor doing coverage on the Long Beach City Council.

Gabe lives a happy home life with his wife and three cats. In his free time he enjoys going to concerts, playing music, rock climbing, and playing card games.

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